Bar Betchas

Bar Betchas

  • £1040

Simon Lovell is a world renowned sleight-of-hand expert and 'alleged' former con man!
It's been said by many that know him that he hasn't paid for a drink or bar tab in over 30 years!
Join him and Rebecca as he takes you on a romp through the fun-filled world of bar bets that could make you the life of the party! Play these bets on your friends and learn everything you need to know about how to drink for free or win a few dollars without panic!
This DVD contains 25 different betchas including: 
Tricky 5s
Roman Numerals 
The Hamilton
When Wrong Math is Right 
Salt & Pepper
The Impossible Match Throw 
3 Drinks for $1
Sealed Bottle 
Moving Water
The Most Unique Object in the World 
Tower of Pi
Floating Paper Clip 
The Wrong Card
Horses and Stables 
Fireproof Fingers
Knotted Cigarette
Tooth pick Math
Fold it Again 
The Honeycomb Fold
Trig Coins 
Money in the Hand
Same Birthday
Bill Drop
Spoons of Pain

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