Aurelian Deck

Aurelian Deck

  • £1300

The Birth of an Empire.
Based on the leader of the Roman Empire, Aurelian’s are the most detailed deck that have ever been made.
The premium box is coated in gold foil, leaking into multiple layers of embossing.
Inside the tuck you’ll excavate oak leaf detailing that harks back to the leader’s Civic Crown. Pouring out a smooth-cut, fully custom deck with deep detail. Each fresh look uncovers a new secret.

Conceived by Geraint Clarke & designed by Oban Jones. Own a piece of playing card history today!

270 AD – Price of Loyalty
Aurelian’s first bold move into power was to take control over the imperial mint. Forging gold coins to donate to his troops. Guaranteeing their loyalty.
The narrative has been captured with a strong border, topped with his signature coin, drawing inwards to a medallion-inspired centre piece that looks hypnotic in your hands.

271 AD – Rags to Riches
Emperor Aurelian, born to humble beginnings, understood the people’s wants. Upon rising to power he cancelled the people’s private debts to the treasury.
Each courtier card has been draped in gold and fully re-worked to stand proudly with the powerful design. The faces have also been completely re-sculpted to create a timeless pip-arrangement, whilst still remaining recognisable for magic.

272 AD – Paid in Blood
Exquisite detail meets historical significance. Aurelian’s custom ace is a symbol for the “Soldier-Emperor”. His reign, though short, was marked by bloody and glorious conquest.
Gold-ink swords, whips and throwing spears drape themselves over the stunning spade. It’s the most important card in a deck, and it’s the only one with golden pips.

273 AD – Power and Glory
Aurelian was a celebrated military leader, enjoying amongst his titles the moniker “Restitutor Orbis”. Restoreer of the world, claiming back much of the previously lost Roman Empire.
The Jokers are a homage to the Tally-Ho Jokers we’ve all come to love. These soldiers stand resolute, ready to defend an empire… or to overthrow one!

The cards are poker size

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