Bicycle Anne Stokes Steampunk Deck

Bicycle Anne Stokes Steampunk Deck

  • £540

A beautiful Steampunk themed Poker Size Bicycle Deck produced by the United States Playing Card Company to designs by the very popular & talented fantasy artist Anne Stokes.
Every card has been customised with the suits having colour coded backgrounds: - Grey for Spades, Rusty Orange for Diamonds, a Green/Brown tone for Clubs and a Darker Green for Hearts. This means that there is a slight coloured banding to the deck when seen edge on, could be useful to magicians...
The Pips have been custom designed and are set against a wavy line design on the pip cards. The Court Cards feature various characters & animals in Steampunk style. The backs feature a depiction of a clockwork mechanism and the Anne Stokes Collection logo in the centre (making them one way).

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