Bicycle Frost Deck

Bicycle Frost Deck

  • £1015

Grab yourself a cool and refreshing Bicycle Frost deck this summer. This deck will turn your veins to ice at first glance. Be the first one to get your hands on one, but make sure to wear mittens!

The back card crackles with frost as the crystals form at the corners. The blue and white frost naturally forms a stunning flake pattern at its center.

The Frost deck uses standard court cards dipped in chilly blue aura. There they sit, frozen in time, waiting for the frost to melt.

The pips are quite unique as they resemble tiny snowflakes. Each snowflake pip calmly rest upon each card showing off their beautiful form for you to enjoy.

Printed by USPCC, hand drawn artwork and custom pips, custom seal, Air-Cushion Finish.


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