Bicycle Karnival Gold Back Deck

Bicycle Karnival Gold Back Deck

  • £570

 The original Karnival Deck design reprinted (after being sold out for well over 3 years), in a luxurious Gold colour. 
Limited to only 4000 units these were designed to be a special purchase for loyal Karnival aficionados, but we are allowing a few wholesalers to take stock.
An incredible new limited edition design for the Bicycle Deck by renowned French artist Sam Hayles. 
The Bicycle Karnival Deck has the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.
An amazing (and super subtle) one way back design. You can spot reversed cards even in a tight face down ribbon spread!
Two amazing card reveals built into the deck: the Barcode on the case has a 'hidden' Seven Of Spades. One of the Jokers has a '3 Of Hearts' clutched in his skeletal hand!
Included free in the deck is a blank face card.


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