Bicycle Robocycle Deck Black

Bicycle Robocycle Deck Black

  • £540

The Robocycle deck takes U.S. Playing Card Co.'s familiar Bicycle design and gives it a decidedly electronic theme, with court cards and jokers transformed into robots and circuit board-like patterns on the card backs.
The Robocycle black deck is slightly different than its blue-backed twin. The blue decks have a metallic gray ink where black ink would normally be used. The black decks use the conventional blank ink for pips, etc.The court cards and jokers all look very different from a standard Bicycle deck, but they retain large pips so they can easily be used for any card game.  
The ace of spades also was custom designed for this deck.The deck is poker size. 
The Bicycle Robocycle decks are available in both blue and black versions. The designs are identical on each deck and the only difference is the blue deck uses blue metallic ink for the pips on the clubs and spades, where as the black deck uses the traditional non-metallic black ink on the club and spade pips.
The deck comes with Bicycle's Air Cushion Finish
This is USPCC's take on robot designs from the 1950's. The court cards feature robots instead of the traditional royalty, and the deck comes with two custom robot jokers. The back design is of the circuit boards from inside the robot and the custom ace of spades continues showing the inner workings of the robot with a different design than their backs.
This version comes in black

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