Bicycle US Presidents Deck

Bicycle US Presidents Deck

  • £635

The year 2016 marks the 58th United States Presidential Election.

Bicycle U.S. Presidents deck commemorates each of the past 44 United States Presidents, all of whom contributed to making the country what it is today!

Bicycle U.S. Presidents playing cards feature all 44 U.S. Presidents and 4 first ladies as featured playing card queens, all hand-drawn with intricate detail. Perfect for any history buff and card enthusiast.

As with any presidential election there is healthy competition in every display of Bicycle US Presidents Playing Cards in the form of Republican Red and Democrat Blue.

It’s election time and it’s time to win big!

Deck contains unique hand-drawn face cards.

The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.

Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance.

Please note: This listing is for one deck only

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