Ellusionist Bumblebee Deck

Ellusionist Bumblebee Deck

  • £780


10 Million Hives wiped out in the past 6 years...

You need to see Bees exactly the same as crops. 

Bees are more necessary to growing food than tractors are. We are dependent on their ability to pollinate the food we need to eat. 


We should be bowing down to thank the honey bee every day we find ourselves alive. 

Instead, we load their little bodies with a witches brew of pesticides which have caused "CCD"...Colony Collapse Disorder. 

Whole hives are wiped out almost instantly. 

We ARE making headway toward fixing the issues and understanding it but our little bees need all the help they can get. 

Ellusionist has designed the Bumble Bee Deck to bring support to the honey bee. 



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