Extreme Card Moves

  • £850

On this DVD, you will learn some of the most visually stunning card moves possible. These amazing card stunts can be done with any deck of cards. Each move is carefully taught step-by-step so you can become extreme.
On This DVD:
Swing Swivel Spin
Four Ace Production
The Deck Flips
Sugoi Ne
Card Toss
J.B. Masterpiece
Sling Shot Card
Sling Shot Card Variation
One Finger Spin
Extreme Twist
Extreme Twist Ext. Version 1
Extreme Twist Ext. Version 2
Cyclone Cut
Revolution Cut
The Hut
Triangle Cut
The Card Burst
The Grasshopper Card
One Hand Revolution
Snap Toss
Extreme Color Changes
Back Handed Fan
Chango Card

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