Invisible Thread Kit

Invisible Thread Kit

  • £900

Make everyday objects levitate, spin, and dance.(Gravity is optional)
Kit contains invisible thread, magician’s wax, and instructional DVD.
Rising Card
Magically cause a spectator’s card to rise right out of the deck.
Floating Bill
Cause any dollar bill from a spectator to levitate moving your hands around it.
Spinning Card
Spectator’s will be shocked when you make a card spin through your hands and around your body.
Effortlessly levitate a cork from the top of a bottle to the palm of your hand.
Rising Pen
Control a pen from any container to your hand without even touching it.
Crazy Ring
Make a ring rise, float, and spin in mid air.
Invisible Bridge
Cause objects to float above what seems to be an invisible bridge above a single card.
Flying Bottle Cap
Amaze everyone when you make a bottle cap spin like a flying saucer.
The Haunted Deck
Without even touching the deck, mysteriously cut a pack of cards in half, and watch as only one card swings out.

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