Karnival Death Heads Carnage Deck

Karnival Death Heads Carnage Deck

  • £590

In 2011 the Karnival Death Head deck was released. It was a super tough, 100% plastic behemoth, manufactured by the world famous Fournier company. 
Proving incredibly popular with gamblers, magic practioners and card collectors alike it quickly became a Karnival best seller.
However we were constantly asked the same question – can we have this deck on BICYCLE stock? And now the answer is – YES!!!
ut is printed on BICYCLE’s unparalleled stock. So you get the world famous USPCC Air Flow Finish (for superb handling and unparalleled durability), and a design that all but reaches off the deck and socks people on the jaw.
All Karnival Decks are manufactured exclusively on Bicycle's sheet fed press for a higher quality product, so you know you
The Karnival Death Head Carnage Edition features the same eye popping ‘skull and crossbone’ design from the original deck,
bare getting a kick-ass deck when you grab some Karnival Carnage.
The deck was designed by Dose Production’s Sam Hayles.

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