Metal 2: Coin Magic by Eric Jones

Metal 2: Coin Magic by Eric Jones

  • £2940

World renowned Professional Eric Jones takes you through a detailed presentation of 8 hard hitting pieces of commanding coin work.

Taking the basics you learned in METAL 1, and applying them to highly workable routines. From table magic to in the hands and close up, it doesn't get more personal than this.

Including over an hour of detailed instruction and over the shoulder explanations. Also included, bonus sit-down performance tips going over every detail to help you YOU a better performer, from start to finish.

What's on the DVD:
  • Imagination - Produce and vanish a coin form thin air while showing your hands completely open the whole time. (Multi handlings)
  • Impossible Production - No coins to perform with? Easy. Just grab 4 regular coins out of thin air and get to work. Incredible way to start a routine.
  • Dean Dill's No Extras - A beautiful coin matrix that shows coins teleporting from one location to another to another with just your hands, easy to learn and perform.
  • Jone C/S - Make a regular silver and copper coin trade locations in your hands while your spectator is holding your wrists.
  • Pocket Miser - Learn to extract a ridiculous amount of coins from the air with just your hands and regular coins.
  • Coin on Shoulder - A easy and fun routine to perform for a sitting spectator where a coin repeatedly appears on their shoulder.
  • G.O.D.H.A.N.D. - An impossible coin vanish and production for a spitting spectator. They see both sides of hands, fingers open, and nowhere to hide.
  • Body Loading Sequence - Taking GODHAND even further, Eric shows a full routine where the coin jumps all over the spectators body, in and out of pockets.
Professional Advice On:
  • Packing
  • Blocking
  • Redirection
  • Becoming Creative
  • The Real World
  • Looking Natural
  • Comfort Zone
  • Getting Caught

Please note: Your DVD may read "Commanding Coin Magic" and not "Crucial Coin Magic". The DVD is exactly the same however.


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