Thick Lines Playing Cards

  • £3100

Aaron's Thick Lines hypnotically transport us to an atmosphere that smells like Boogie Nights, American Hustle, funky disco music, thick lapels and lot's of partying.

A playful design that almost spits out waves of funky sound when you shuffle, cut, and deal.

Borderless and soulful, allows for beautiful card fans and ribbon spreads, making every card blend into an indefinite number of different patterns. As an added bonus, they also match your favorite seventies disco wallpaper or the most ridiculous print button down shirt you've never worn.

Aaron Draplin is a beast and this is one of our new favorite decks. It looks beautiful in motion for cardistry, but it also goes well next to a half-full glass of bourbon at the poker table. An instant favorite.

Draplin completely revamped all the face cards by incorporating his obsession with THICK LINES while staying true to the classic design of modern playing cards. We think they look fan-tastic!

Whether you use this playing card set for passing hard time, card houses, throwing, cardistry, loose magic, dimwitted cons, shuffling stunts, solitaire, poker, war, euchre, gin rummy, go fish, blackjack, pinochle, spoke flickers or sketchy sleights of hands, Aaron Draplin has one thing to offer, Good Luck!


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